Valuable study on parcel delivery in Holland now available

ECommerce in Holland has carried out a study of the market for parcel delivery in the Netherlands and has published a report which is now available at only € 99.--. The report can be ordered via the homepage of and will be transmitted after receipt of payment.

The report is based on extensive desk research and looks at the market from the point of view of parcel service providers, online retailers and consumers. It provides detailed information on the prices, volumes and competitive situation in parcel shipping (both domestically and internationally), the delivery speed of the parcel service providers, delivery preferences of the Dutch online buyers, the development of the number of service points and so-called parcel stations, the delivery services and conditions offered by online retailers in Holland, the shipping cost ratio for web shops, an analysis of the number of parcels per online purchase, approaches to the optimization of returns and the development of prices and volumes in business mail.
In addition, forecasts are made on changes of prices in parcel and mail delivery in the Netherlands that can be expected in the coming years.

The report shows that the delivery speed of B2C online orders in the past few years has continued to increase, together with growing parcel volumes and stable prices charged by parcel service providers. At the same time it turns out, however, that the shipping cost of online retailers is very high. This is caused by the high number of packages per net online purchase, mainly due to high return rates. Dutch online shoppers are not willing to participate in these costs. Furthermore, on the online consumer side, alternatives for home delivery take on meaning. The leading parcel service providers in the market in Holland are investing heavily in these alternatives.

Returned items are not only a burden on companies because of shipping costs. They are often no longer fit for use. The report explains whether or not e-commerce companies should restrict the right of return as much as possible and let the Dutch online shopper pay for his return or not.

The competitive situation on the postal market in the Netherlands has changed recently. The possible consequences from this for sending business mail are also outlined in this study.

For cross-border entrepreneurs in e-commerce, parcel service providers and other interested parties, this study provides valuable information on the parcel shipping market in the Netherlands. The report is now available at a special price of € 99, - (excluding VAT). Send an email to or request the report on the homepage of If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on +31 6 22 55 55 46.

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