Partnership with Händlerbund launched

To be legally compliant is a real challenge, especially in cross border e-commerce. Besides the specific legal situation, correct legal statements like terms and conditions and privacy statements are of utmost importance. An online retailer who wants to sell in the Netherlands, has to enlighten his Dutch customers about their legal rights. To make this possible, E-Commerce in Holland has entered into a partnership with the Händlerbund, Europe’s largest trade association in online retail. This partnership gives clients access to the know-how the Händlerbund has. Through the international legal texts that have been made available, now also in Dutch, the Händlerbund is strongly promoting cross-border trade. By using the discount code P832#2015, the membership package of your choice will be free of charge for the first two months in the first year of your membership of the Händlerbund. Use this opportunity to operate in accordance with local law on the e-commerce market in Holland, or if you are planning to enter the German or other European markets.

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