Dutch ranked 3rd as translation language for English websites.

The increasing popularity of the Dutch online market is once more confirmed by a study that stated that Dutch is the third popular language into which English language e-commerce websites are translated. The study was done by a leading translation agency, One Hour Translation. They analyzed 4.000 translation projects by English language e-commerce websites over the year 2016.

To their surprise, it turned out that 11.3% were Dutch translations, right after translations into French (13.5%) and German (13.4) and ahead of Italian (10%), Korean (9.8%), Spanish and Japanese (both 9.3%). Dutch translations already ranked fourth in the same study in 2015.

The spokesman from One Hour Translation saw this as a positive sign of the resilience and purchasing power of the Dutch economy, compared to other European countries.

It certainly shows that The Netherlands and (the Dutch speaking part of) Belgium, with all together 23 million consumers (with high purchasing power and a strong online focus), great infrastructure and low entry barriers, are recognized as highly attractive markets for cross-border e-commerce.

Source: retailtimes.co.uk

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