Holland # 4 best e-commerce landscape worldwide

The Netherlands offer the # 4 best e-commerce landscape worldwide, according to the ‘B2C E-Commerce Index 2017’, published by UNCTAD. The UK ranked # 6 in the list, Germany was # 9. The Top 3 was taken by Luxemburg, Switzerland and Norway. France is not in the Top 10.

144 individual economies were studied on 4 components by UNCTAD (the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), that reflect the processes involved in an online shopping B2C transaction: web presence by merchants, internet access for users, payment methods and delivery.
These components were reflected in 4 elements that are part of the total index: The share of people using internet, the availability of secure internet servers (as a proxy for the readiness of a country to enable secure internet transactions), the share of people aged 15+ having an account at a bank or another financial institution and the postal reliability score (based on factors as quality of performance across all categories of postal delivery services, coming from the Universal Postal Union).

Holland reached a total index value of 95.9, good enough for rank 4. The UK scored 95.1, Germany 93.5. Number 1 Luxembourg reached a total index value of 96.5, 0.6 higher than the Netherlands.

The study confirms once again that the Netherlands (# 6 E-Commerce Market in the EU) offer excellent pre-conditions to set up and run an e-commerce business. In combination with the ease of entrance of the market, this offers excellent opportunities for cross-border e-commerce into the Dutch market, particularly for retailers in the neighboring countries.

 Source: UNCTAD B2C E-Commerce Index 2017, October 2017

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