Ed Hensen registered as e-Academy Professional

E-Commerce in Holland founder Ed Hensen has been registered in the Dutch e-Academy Register as an e-Academy Professional. The e-Academy is a life long learning program, that was launched in 2016 by the Dutch Trade Association for  digital commerce, Thuiswinkel.org. Registered professionals have proven their up to date expertise in e-commerce by participating in a program of permanent education, consisting of training sessions and congresses on all relevant aspects of e-commerce.

Shortly after the e-Academy started, Ed joined the program. In November 2017, he qualified to be registered as a e-Academy Professional, based on the amount of points he had gathered. ‘To me, working in an international e-commerce environment where its more complicated for clients to assess if I am really qualified for an assignment, it is crucial to deliver proof of my up to date knowledge on e-commerce. That is why I was keen on joining the e-Academy and becoming acknowledged as a professional’, Ed says.

 Ed is among the first 100 professionals in the register and will have to acquire a yearly number of educational points to maintain his registration. Please follow this link to see Ed’s registration and certificate: https://www.e-academy.nl/professionals/word-e-academy-professional/e-academy-professionals

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