Dutch spent € 14bn on e-commerce in 2014

Dutch consumers (age 15+) have spent € 13.96 bn. online on products and services in 2014, an increase of 8.4% compared to 2013. The latest figures on the online retail market in the Netherlands were published this week by Thuiswinkel.org, the trade association for e-commerce in Holland. They show that Holland is still one of the largest markets for online retail in Europe. The market is equally divided in products and services: € 7.02 bn. was spent on products, € 6.94 bn. on services, mainly travel and insurances. The online product sales represent 7.6% of total retail sales, the online spending on services represent 17.6% of the total market for these services.
In total, 127,34 mn. purchases were done online. According to Wijnand Jongen, managing director of Thuiswinkel.org, internet sales showed a remarkable increase in the second half of 2014, where they went up almost 12%, the largest increase for this period in 5 years. Based on official publications on the retail market, Jongen estimates that the total size of the retail market in Holland was € 93 bn. in 2014 (sales tax included). (Source: Thuiswinkel.org).

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