Continuing positive reports on Dutch economy

The economy in the Netherlands has shown a very strong positive development in the first quarter of 2015. With +2.4% compared to Q1 2014, the Dutch economy is growing faster than the EU average. Drivers are, besides higher investments and exports, +1.4% higher spend by consumers in Holland. Just today, the National Statistic Bureau CBS reported that consumer trust in May 2015 has reached the highest level in 8 years (+6). This is also reflected in increasing retail sales. Dutch retailers sold +1.5% more in Q4 2014 and +0.6% in Q1 2015 (all compared to the prior year). The recent figures on April 2015 showed an increase of +1.5% in total retail sales, compared to April 2014. The increase in retail sales is mainly driven by double digit growth in online sales. Internet sales went up an amazing +18.4% in Q1 2015, compared to last year.

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