Ahold invests € 60mn in Bol.com

In a recent meeting with financial analists, Ahold (the largest retailer in the Dutch market with worldwide almost € 33bn in online and offline sales in 2013) has announced to invest up to € 60mn in the further expansion of its online shop and market portal Bol.com. Target: over € 1bn in websales in 2017. For this year, online sales at Bol.com are expected to reach € 680mn. That makes internet shop the largest (non-food) online retailer in the Netherlands. Adding the online foodstore AH.nl, with expected sales of € € 240mn in this year, Ahold is by far the largest online retailer in Holland, with total websales reaching € 920mn in 2014. Currently, Bol.com’s growth is driven by continuously adding new product categories to the webshop and the increasing number of external online traders using the Bol.com market portal. According to Ahold, further exponential growth should come from an increasing number of products that Bol.com internet customers put in their shopping cart. In the meeting Ahold stated that the average Bol.com customer only puts 1.8 products in the shopping cart, mostly from one product segment. At the same time, the customers in the online foodstore AH.nl on average put 74 products in their shopping baskets. This indicates that there’s a lot of potential for improvement for Bol.com, especially while in total 9mn products in 22 categories are available in the online shop.

Bol.com attracts 820,000 unique visitors to its website every day, 40% use mobile devices. 5 to 6% of the online orders are delivered through pick up points in Aholds Albert Heijn supermarkets. (Source: Emerce).

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