+62% e-commerce sales in the Netherlands in April!

B2C e-commerce sales in the Netherlands increased by +62% in April this year, compared to last year. According to the Dutch National Statistics Bureau (CBS), this is the highest monthly growth rate ever measured, since they started reporting on internet retail in January 2014. A further breakdown shows that online pure players reported a +52.4% increase of their online sales, while multi channelists, with both retail stores and a webshop, saw their web sales go up by +75.7%.

It shows that during the corona (COVID-19) related lockdown period in Holland in April, Dutch consumers switched to the online channel in large numbers. At the same time, overall retail sales (offline and online) went down -1.5% in April. Food retailers saw their turnover go up by +6.1%, while non-food retailers faced a -15.8% decline in sales, compared to April 2019. This is the highest drop in sales, since the CBS started the publication of sales day adjusted developments in January 2005.

Within the non-food retail however, there are large contrasts. Sales in clothing (-59%) and shoes and leatherware (-45%) dropped dramatically in April, while consumer electronics/white goods (+12%) and DIY/kitchens/floors (+26%) did extremely well.

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