23% growth in Dutch online sales in 2016.

9 March 2017: Total e-commerce sales in the Netherlands grew by a stunning 23% and reached € 20.2 bn in 2016. After a 16% growth to €16.1 bn in 2015, it proves once more that online is the main driver for retail sales in the Netherlands at this time. Online sales in shoes and lifestyle products, IT and food/near food were the outperformers in 2016.

Earlier this month, the Dutch National Statistics Office CBS reported a 2% increase in total (on- and offline) retail sales in 2016. Supermarkets, fashion shops, DIY-markets and furniture shops were identified as segments with sales increases above average. CBS also reported that online sales in webshops were growing by almost 20% in 2016. According to CBS, e-commerce has grown by 85% since 2010, proving that Holland still has an enormous online growth potential, despite being one of the ‘mature online markets’.

This makes the Netherlands a very interesting market for cross-border e-commerce, particularly in combination with the excellent physical and digital infrastructure and ‘online-minded’ population.

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