+12% in Dutch online sales in February

According to the Dutch Statistic Bureau CBS, total online and mailorder sales in the Netherlands have increased by +12.3% in February this year, compared to 2014. This means that the very positive trend in internet retail from Q4 2014 (+12.1% compared to Q4 2013) is continued in 2015. Total retail sales in Holland went up +1.2% in February, compared to last year, based on a +3.1% higher volume. At the same time, price levels decreased by -1.8%. Sales were higher in both food (+1.7%) and non-food. Total non-food sales went up 2.1%, with clothing (+4.1% to last year) and furniture (+3.7%) and chemistries (+5.8%) leading the way. The reported figures show that online retail in Holland is growing 10 times more than the total retail market at the moment.
According to the CBS statistics, a clear positive trend in total retail sales was visible in the Netherlands in Q4 2014 (+1.5% compared to Q4 2013) and over the entire year 2014 (+0.5% to 2013), although some other European countries like UK (+4.1%), Germany (+1.7%) and Belgium (+1.1%) showed an even more positive trend. So far, 2015 proved that Holland is catching up with their neighbours, with e-commerce clearly pushing the positive development. (Source: CBS, 15 April 2015)

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