• ECommerce in Holland partnership with Taxdoo

    Posted on Feb 09, 2022

    ECommerce in Holland and Taxdoo GmbH, Hamburg, have entered into a partnership to promote Taxdoo’s tax services in the Netherlands and Belgium. Taxdoo is a fast growing start-up, offering an automated platform for tax registration and VAT compliance in cross-border e-commerce to all EU countries.

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  • Free webinars for Belgian e-tailors continued in 2022

    Posted on Jan 31, 2022

    On February 7th 2022 at 19h CET, Belgian online retailers will have another chance to learn how to start a cross-border e-commerce business to the Netherlands, in yet another free webinar enabled by Digitaal Lokaal.

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  • Free webinar for Belgian e-tailors

    Posted on Aug 31, 2021

    On 8 September 2021 at 19h CET, Ed Hensen will present a free webinar (in Dutch) on cross-border e-commerce to the Netherlands. The webinar is part of a series of free webinars on digital commerce by Digitaal Lokaal (or Digital Local), an initiative in Belgium to help SME’s with their digital strategy. Please check the website www.digitaallokaal.be for more information, or book the session directly on https://digitaallokaal.be/het-digitaal-vragenuurtje/uitbreiden-naar-nederland-zo-doe-je-dat/

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  • Ed Hensen joins Belgian digital rescue team

    Posted on Mar 19, 2021

    Ed Hensen has joined the digital rescue team on www.digitaallokaal.be, an initiative by NSZ (Neutral Syndicate for the Self-Employed) in Belgium, with the support of the Flemish government.

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  • Amazon satisfied with first results relaunch in Holland

    Posted on Nov 12, 2020

    In his first public appearance since Amazon relaunched its Dutch webshop in March this year, country manager Roeland Donkers stated that the world’s largest online marketplace is very satisfied with the e-commerce results in the Netherlands so far. By the end of 2020, 300m products will be available on the platform, with an 80% share from selling partners. Without a fulfilment center inside Holland, Amazon.nl is still able to meet the high delivery standards demanded by Dutch online shoppers, with next day delivery and even same day delivery for some products. Gaining trust from sellers is key for Amazon.nl, the number of Dutch platform sellers already doubled to 5,000 since the launch.

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  • +37% cross-border online sales to Holland

    Posted on Oct 28, 2020

    Entering the Dutch online retail market is becoming more and more interesting for etailers from other EU countries, now that cross-border ecommerce sales to consumers in Holland increased by a record breaking +37% in Q2 2020, compared to last year. Dutch online shoppers bought products from foreign webshops in the EU for a total of € 696m in Q2 2020, + €88m more than in Q2 2019. This was reported by the Dutch Statistics Office CBS.

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  • Online retail booming in Holland

    Posted on Sep 08, 2020

    Online sales in B2C webshops in the Netherlands again increased by an amazing +38% in July 2020, compared to last year. There is a continuing shift towards online shopping since the COVID-19 outbreak in March. This is one of the main drivers behind the positive trend in total (online and offline) retail sales, that went up +10% in July (second consecutive month). Over Q2 2020, a +55% growth in B2C ecommerce revenues was reported, while total retail sales over this period went up +6%. This was recently reported by the Dutch Statistics Bureau CBS.

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  • Holland again #1 in UNCTAD E-Commerce Index

    Posted on Jul 28, 2020

    For the second consecutive year, the Netherlands reached the #1 position in the UNCTAD business-to-consumer (B2C) E-Commerce Index. Based on the results in the 2019 report, Holland offers the best conditions to engage in and benefit from online retail, as was already the case in the previous year. The Index ranks a total of 152 countries worldwide. Switzerland reached #2 in the Index, Singapore claimed #3. Together with Australia, it’s the only non-European country in the Top 10.

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  • +62% e-commerce sales in the Netherlands in April!

    Posted on Jun 04, 2020

    B2C e-commerce sales in the Netherlands increased by +62% in April this year, compared to last year. According to the Dutch National Statistics Bureau (CBS), this is the highest monthly growth rate ever measured, since they started reporting on internet retail in January 2014. A further breakdown shows that online pure players reported a +52.4% increase of their online sales, while multi channelists, with both retail stores and a webshop, saw their web sales go up by +75.7%.

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  • Online retail sales in Holland up 29% in March.

    Posted on May 12, 2020

    In March 2020, total online product sales in the Netherlands went up +28.8%, compared to March 2019. Multi channel retailers increased their e-commerce sales by +35.4%, sales from online pure players (web only) were +24.4% higher. Total retail sales (on- and offline) were +3.5% higher in March 2020, compared to last year. This was reported recently by the Dutch National Statistics Office (CBS).

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